Amy Winehouse Facts
July 24, 2024 Cadeem Lalor

Tragic Facts About Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse followed a long list of artists who made headlines for her musical achievements and her problems with drinking and illicit substances. Eventually, she succumbed to the addiction issues that had plagued her for years, and the world was robbed of a great talent and Britain of one of it’s greatest singers.
Lena Horne Facts
July 15, 2024 Henry Gomes

Sultry Facts About Lena Horne, Hollywood's Velvet Voice

Lena Horne Facts. Lena Horne was a true triple threat, but even with her immense talent, she experienced incredibly tragedy throughout her career.
Jackson C Frank Facts
July 10, 2024 Alicia B.

Tragic Facts About Jackson C. Frank, The Forgotten Music Legend

Jackson C Frank never became the household name he deserved to be—and maybe that’s because of his unspeakably tragic end.
Aaliyah Facts
July 10, 2024 Mehroo S.

Heartbreaking Facts About Aaliyah, The Princess Of R&B

Aaliyah was only 22 years old when she was the victim of a tragic plane crash—but even before that, scandal and heartbreak were constant companions.


Marvin Gaye Facts
July 9, 2024 Kyle Climans

Passionate Facts About Marvin Gaye, Prince Of Soul

Marvin Gaye was killed when he tried to break up a fight between his parents. The world mourned his loss, but soon after, the truth about that day came out.
Ricky Nelson Facts
July 5, 2024 Gareth Graveline

Tragic Facts About Ricky Nelson, The Doomed Teen Idol

The dreamy Ricky Nelson was the first “teen idol”—but when he married the beautiful Kris Harmon, his life turned into a nightmare.
Mae West Facts
July 5, 2024 Kyle Climans

Titillating Facts About Mae West, The Original Blonde Bombshell

In 1926, Mae West wrote, directed, produced, and starred in a play titled Sex. The title was, of course, shocking, but the content was even more scandalous.
July 2, 2024 Allison Robertson

Celebrity Look-Alikes

Uncover 40 celebrities that have equally-famous doppelgängers. From Zooey Deschanel and Katy Perry to Mark Ruffalo and Noah Centineo, these celebrities often get mistaken for someone else.
Little Richard Facts
June 28, 2024 Eli Artman

Flashy Facts About Little Richard, The Architect Of Rock And Roll

When Little Richard died, we lost a music icon. Generations of hot mess rock stars should bow at his feet, because he showed them how it's done.
Bob Dylan Facts
June 28, 2024 Paul Pitura

Electric Facts About Bob Dylan, The Voice Of A Generation

Bob Dylan is an absolute legend—but behind closed doors, his life is filled with scandal, heartbreak, and unimaginable loss.