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June 28, 2024 Marlon Wright

Celebrities Who Have Been Canceled

Uncover 22 celebrities who have recently been canceled. From abuse allegations and inappropriate public remarks to toxic work environments and criminal offences, find out which stars are on blast for nasty behaviors, and which ones may never recover from it.
Book Movie Ending Internal
May 29, 2024 Marlon Wright

Movies That Changed the Ending of the Books They're Based On

Uncover 20 movies that changed the endings of the books they're based on. From completely different settings to switching out which character dies in the end, these book-to-movie adaptations took their creative freedoms to the next level and gave us endings we definitely didn't expect.
Julliard Internal
April 1, 2024 Marlon Wright

5 Famous Musicians Who Went To Julliard

Juilliard, a prestigious school in NYC, has trained talented musicians throughout history. Many famous artists have honed their craft there. These are five well-known musicians who studied at Juilliard.
Superbowls Internal
March 27, 2024 Marlon Wright

The Most Viewed Superbowl Halftime Shows Of All Time

Some of the most iconic moments in music occurred at the Superbowl. The halftime show garners millions of viewers globally and it has become an integral part of pop culture history. Here are the top 5 most viewed Superbowl halftime shows of all time.
Method Internal
March 4, 2024 Marlon Wright

What Is Method Acting?

Many actors swear by "method acting," claiming that it is the most effective way to get into character. But what exactly is method acting?
Interview Internal
February 29, 2024 Marlon Wright

The Wildest TV Interviews Ever Aired

In television interviews, people usually talk about their experiences and opinions in a cool, collected manner. They can, however, occasionally get chaotic and draw in viewers.
Mcu Internal
February 28, 2024 Marlon Wright

The Biggest Controversies Of The Marvel Cinematic Universe

The MCU has captured the hearts of millions worldwide with its epic superheroes, dazzling visuals, and inventive storytelling. But like any major franchise, it's not without its controversies.
Oscars Internal
February 27, 2024 Marlon Wright

How Are Oscar Winners Determined? Inside The Voting Process

Have you ever wondered what the process is behind selecting Oscar winners? Here's a look inside the intricate Oscar voting system.