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July 17, 2024 Jamie Hayes

Actors Who Couldn’t Speak English

If you're a movie star, it doesn't matter if you speak English. Some people just have the juice, and they'll pop on camera even if you can barely understand what they're saying. There's also some actors who have such a brilliant command of accents that
June 28, 2024 Jamie Hayes

24 Famously Bald Actors When They Had Hair

Men are still sensitive about losing their hair, but some actors have embraced it with pride and dignity. Others...not so much. Do you remember when these actors had hair?
June 12, 2024 Jamie Hayes

The Most Shocking Movie Plot Twists

You never forget a good twist that you didn't see coming. Major spoilers ahead!
June 10, 2024 Jamie Hayes

The Toughest Actors In Hollywood

Hollywood actors like to play tough, but which ones can actually back it up?
June 7, 2024 Jamie Hayes

52 Celebrities Who Got Hooked On Dr. Feelgood's "Magic Vitamins"

Presidents to movie stars, who exactly was taking prescriptions from the infamous Dr. Feelgood?
May 27, 2024 Jamie Hayes

20 Cringeworthy Roles Played By Movie Stars Before They Were Famous

When you're a struggling actor, you don't exactly get to pick your roles. All of these Hollywood movie stars had to learn that lesson the hard way early in their careers.
May 26, 2024 Jamie Hayes

1960s Hits You Can't Forget

The 1960s was the best decade in music. Remember these classics?