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Joan Bennett Facts
July 10, 2024 Rebecca Wong

Thrilling Facts About Joan Bennett, The Ultimate Femme Fatale

Joan Bennett was a massive star—until her husband’s jealousy drove him to commit a horrific act that ruined her career in an instant.
Ursula Andress Facts
July 9, 2024 Rebecca Wong

Beautiful Facts About Ursula Andress, The Original Bond Girl

Known as one of the most prominent beauties of the 1960s, Ursula Andress managed to wield her looks like a weapon to carve her way through the world of movie-making. Her gorgeous, unforgettable scene in Dr. No may have made her famous, but she’s definitely more than just a pretty face. Behind the scenes, few movie stars can boast a life as unforgettable as Ursula Andress.
Patricia Neal Facts
June 20, 2024 Rebecca Wong

Agonizing Facts About Patricia Neal, The Heartbroken Actress

People saw Patricia Neal as the "other woman" between Hollywood hunk Gary Cooper and his wife—but there's more to the scandalous story than that.
Eddie Fisher Facts
June 20, 2024 Rebecca Wong

Explosive Facts About Eddie Fisher, Hollywood's Most Scandalous Playboy

Eddie Fisher was an absolute magnet for scandalous rumors—but all of that overshadowed the fact that he was hiding a dark and chilling secret.
George Brent Facts
June 13, 2024 Rebecca Wong

Gloomy Facts About George Brent, The Old Hollywood Playboy

You might think that working for some of the most famous Hollywood ladies of his day would overshadow George Brent’s career, but you couldn’t be more wrong. If anything, constantly being surrounded by beautiful, talented women like Bette Davis, Lucille Ball, and Loretta Young only elevated Brent’s image—it’s just too bad he didn’t see it that way.
Bobby Driscoll Facts
June 13, 2024 Rebecca Wong

Grim Facts About Bobby Driscoll, Disney’s Forgotten Child Star

Child star Bobby Driscoll was best known as the voice of Disney's Peter Pan—but his twisted ending was anything but happy.