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Judy Garland Facts
July 18, 2024 Eva Blanchefleur

Show-Stopping Facts About Judy Garland, The Tragic Hollywood Icon

Judy Garland Facts. Diva. Addict. Star. From her iconic role as Dorothy to her tragic death at 47, Judy Garland epitomized Hollywood drama.
Karl Lagerfeld Facts
July 2, 2024 Eva Blanchefleur

Fashionable Facts About Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld was famously in love with his blue-eyed cat Choupette, but most people don’t realize that he technically stole her.
Academy Awards Facts
June 7, 2024 Eva Blanchefleur

Scandalous Facts About The Academy Awards, Hollywood's Biggest Night

Absolutely bizarre moments. Disturbing backstage turmoil. Stars behaving badly. The Academy Awards take “Hollywood drama” to the next level.