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Patty Duke Facts
July 24, 2024 Claire Ng

Iconic Facts About Patty Duke, The Hollywood Survivor

American actress Patty Duke seemed to have it all. Having achieved glory at a young age, her rise to fame appeared to be the stuff of Hollywood dreams. But behind the closed curtains, her life was more like a horror story. She had to fight tooth and nail for survival.
George C. Scott Facts
July 9, 2024 Claire Ng

Intimidating Facts About George C. Scott, The Most Difficult Man In Hollywood

Behind the scenes, George C. Scott was as complex—and even more volatile—as the characters he played on screen and on the stage.
Eddie Mannix Facts
July 8, 2024 Claire Ng

Shady Facts About Eddie Mannix, Old Hollywood’s Notorious Fixer

Hollywood has had its fair share of scandals, and when there’s a mess, someone needs to clean it—someone like Eddie Mannix.
Diana Dors
June 28, 2024 Claire Ng

Shocking Facts About Diana Dors, The British Bombshell

Diana Dors was called “the British Marilyn Monroe,” and rightly so. Her salacious life story and tragic end are enough to warrant the chilling comparison.
Paulette Goddard Facts
June 14, 2024 Claire Ng

Shady Facts About Paulette Goddard, The Infamous Gamin

Paulette Goddard is best known for her role in Charlie Chaplin’s “Modern Times”—but her life is far more twisted than people realize.