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Constance Bennett Facts
July 24, 2024 Byron Fast

Wily Facts About Constance Bennett, The Hollywood Fox

There’s a reason Constance Bennett's nickname was “Pollyanna Borgia”: She looked pretty and harmless, but she was ruthless.
Gail Russell Facts
July 24, 2024 Byron Fast

Intoxicating Facts About Gail Russell, Hollywood’s Most Reluctant Star

Actress Gail Russell never really wanted the spotlight—but when it found her, the consequences were absolutely devastating.
Andy Kaufman Facts
July 22, 2024 Byron Fast

In-Your-Face Facts About Andy Kaufman, The Anti-Comedian

The LA Coroner’s office tried to stop rumors that Andy Kaufman faked his death by releasing his death certificate—but a disturbing announcement followed.
Phil Hartman Facts
July 22, 2024 Byron Fast

Surprising Facts About Phil Hartman, The Tragic Comedian

The disturbing tragedy of the death of Phil Hartman shocked his fans, but many of his close friends had seen the red flags for years.
Margot Kidder Facts
July 22, 2024 Byron Fast

Soaring Facts About Margot Kidder, The One Who Dared To Fly 

Margot Kidder's mental health issues culminated in a very tragic—and public—four-day ordeal. Was this all just the result of flying too many times in the sky with the Man of Steel? Or was there something from the very beginning that spelled tragedy for Kidder?
Raymond Burr Facts
July 16, 2024 Byron Fast

Dubious Facts About Raymond Burr, The Man Of A Thousand Lies

Raymond Burr was the most trustworthy man on TV, what his fans didn't realize was: Nothing about their hero was as it seemed.
Divine Facts
July 16, 2024 Byron Fast

Unholy Facts About Divine, The First Lady Of Trash Cinema

They called him depraved. Gruesome. Downright disturbing. Well, there was one thing was true: no one did controversy like Divine.
Dana Plato Facts
July 12, 2024 Byron Fast

Arresting Facts About Dana Plato, Good Girl Gone Wild

When “Diff’rent Strokes” actor Dana Plato took her own life at the age of 34, fans tried to process her tragic unraveling.
Gregory Peck Facts
July 10, 2024 Byron Fast

Surprising Facts About Gregory Peck, Hollywood’s Irresistible Nice Guy

Gregory Peck evaded the gossip mill by keeping his secrets under lock and key—and although he had a gentlemanly reputation, he wasn’t always so saintly.