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Sinead O'Connor Facts
July 24, 2024 Alicia B.

Rebellious Facts About Sinéad O'Connor, The Irish Scandal Maker

There are lots of rags-to-riches stories, and there are lots of eccentric celebrities. But there’s only one Sinéad O’Connor.
Libby Holman Facts
July 16, 2024 Alicia B.

Outrageous Facts About Libby Holman, The Mistress Of Menace

One fateful summer night in 1932, Libby Holman and her husband went up to bed after a debauched party. The next morning, it turned into a nightmare.
Suraiya Facts
July 16, 2024 Alicia B.

Sorrowful Facts About Suraiya, The Tragic "Queen Of Beauty"

Suraiya’s affair with co-star Dev Anand ended in heartbreak and tears. Then years later, Anand dealt her one final, cruel betrayal.
Jackson C Frank Facts
July 10, 2024 Alicia B.

Tragic Facts About Jackson C. Frank, The Forgotten Music Legend

Jackson C Frank never became the household name he deserved to be—and maybe that’s because of his unspeakably tragic end.
Suzy Parker Facts
July 8, 2024 Alicia B.

Stunning Facts About Suzy Parker, The First Supermodel

Dominating the modeling world, Suzy Parker was a diva all the way through—but behind closed doors, she lived a real-life horror story.
Pier Angeli Facts
June 21, 2024 Alicia B.

Innocent Facts About Pier Angeli, Hollywood’s Fallen Angel

Pier Angeli faced a disturbing childhood, doomed romances, countless scandals, and a mysterious end. No wonder they call her a fallen angel.